Delegation of the European Union to the Republic Of Serbia
A project funded by the European Union Contract Nº: 2010/258-562 (09SER01/05/11)
Republic of Serbia Ministry of Economy and Regional Development
National Agency for Tourism Development
Project Office: Dr Subotića 5, Institute for Public Health fo Serbia, "Dr Milan Jovanović - Batut", 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: (+ 381) 11 20 62 733, Email: office@screeningserbia.rs
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Educational event held for educators from the regional institutes of public health in the field of cancer screening in Serbia

A one-day Educational event was held May 30th 2013 for educators from the regional institutes of public health at the Institute of Public Health of Serbia ‘Dr. Milan Jovanovic Batut’ in Belgrade, Serbia. Opening remarks were made by Dr. Simo Vukovic, State Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Dr. Dragan Ilic, Director of the Institute of Public Health of Serbia.  Dr. Simo Vukovic outlined the legal regulation and management of the organized Cancer Screening Programme in Serbia, focusing on the importance of the participants within the Programme. Furthermore, the training included a detailed presentation of the guidelines for the implementation of the National Programme for screening of cervical cancer, breast cancer, and colorectal cancer, presented by the Coordinators of the Project Components, Dr. Snezana Zujkovic, Dr. Aleksandra Jaric, and Dr. Milena Scepanovic.

Project Team Leader, Prof.Dr. Dusan Keber, gave an overview of the project results and the importance of the Cancer Screening Programme for the fight against Cancer. Dr. Keber placed importance on the establishment of the Project Office, which has become an integral part of the Institute of Public Health and he presented the results of the pilot screening for colorectal cancer throughout the different regions in Serbia.  He described the goals achieved and introduced a plan of future activities, also stressing the crucial importance of the Educational Component of the Programme and the role of health educators. During the presentation, he clearly defined the difference between Cancer Screening and Diagnostic examination due to the fact that Cancer Screening registers changes and is thus a crucial factor in the fight against Cancer. Lastly, Dr. Keber put an accent on the importance of the equipment which was donated by the EU Delegation to Serbia.

The Educational event also incorporated an overview of the Campaign designed to support the implementation of the organized Cancer Screening Programme in Serbia – Communication Strategy and Action Plan. Lastly, the event included a presentation made by Mr. Mirko Mandic, Managing Director of ‘SVA Communication Agency’, who outlined the involvement of local communities in Cancer Screening.

During the event, there was an open discussed involving the participants and positive remarks were received regarding the topics and issues presented during the Educational event.